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Hobson and Associates (Pty) Ltd have been in business supplying people and skills to industry and commerce in South Africa for over twenty-five years and we are proud of our track record. We are a level seven B-BEE company and comply with current labour laws.

In our business, experience means a lot in terms of customer satisfaction. Over the years we have seen many would be competitors’ spring up like mushrooms only to disappear after a few months. Their only trace being disappointed customers.

Our aim is to meet your needs closely as possible. Sometimes a customer wants a person “yesterday”. Yesterday is gone but we can usually get him a suitable person within 48 hours and that gets our customer off the hook.

Why should you use Temporary Employment Services?

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Temporary Employment Services (T.E.S) are:


You have the labour when you need it and only for as long as you need it. When you have a production peak the use of T.E.S. ensures you still meet your commitments to your customers.


Hobson and Associates comply with all the legal requirements and obligations of our business. We are registered with following:

  • Receiver of Revenue; VAT / T.E.S.
  • Industrial Council.
  • Workmen’s Compensation Commission 0414-813-500.
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund.
  • Regional Services Council
  • Private Employee Insurance Cover.


Even when you want a permanent placement it is a wise precaution to hire a prospective permanent employee through us for a few months. Then you will know the person when you do offer him a place on your payroll. This avoids the risks associated with taking a stranger off the street, straight into a permanent job.


We select so that the people we supply are suitable for the work you want from them. Part of our task is to assess applicants, check their qualifications and references, a time consuming task but it is important that it is done thoroughly. Our experience means we are good at selecting people.

It is possible that not all our competitors fully meet those requirements. It is expensive and complicated to do so. When dealing with Hobson and Associates you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are within the law.


We offer a both a temporary labour solution for both short and longer term manufacturing and construction projects within southern Africa. We are registered with the following

  • Labour Broking Division of the Construction and Engineering Association (CEA) which is a branch of the
  • Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa (SEIFSA).
  • Federated Employer Mutual Assurance Company.

which gives our clients peace of mind when using our temporary employment services.

We also recruit suitable candidates for permanent roles in the engineering, construction and office administration industries. Please fill in the form below should you like us to contact you for a quotation.

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    Hobson & Assoc are a fantastic company. I have had 2 contracts through them now, and I feel they had my best interests in mind when assisting me through the job placement.


    Admin Clerk

    I just want to thank Hobson & Assoc. I love the flexibility of being able to work contracts and have time off in between. Ive just finished my first contract and will be looking for my second one through them soon.


    FMCG Consultant

    Experience means a lot in terms of Customer Satisfaction

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    Contact Us

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